Lumber Company

Optimal Yields

Linear Slicing Operations produce better yield and consistent grade.

Intense quality control

Each slice is met by our highly trained staff and at each step of our process our veneer has to pass strict industry standards.

Standard and Proprietary Grades

Our Goal is to meet all of our customers needs. Flexibility is key to our success.

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Specialized in Domestic Species

Located near the Alleghany National Forest where we source world renowned Hardwoods.

Flitch Stock Veneer Clipped & Bundled

We produce plain sliced veneers using a unique method of slicing called linear slicing or Marunaka Sliced Veneer.   Also know as lumber sliced veneer.  This method greatly minimizes variance in grade due to the fact we can carefully inspect the raw material before slicing which allows Forcey Lumber & Veneer to meet our customer needs with far better accuracy than conventional slicing.

Clipped & Bundled Veneers:


Main Species:

Red Oak

White Oak








Our veneers are Ideal for Door and Panel Markets with increased yields and consistent quality.   Our thickness capabilities range from 1/46th to 1/12th and lengths from 90”- 130”.  All of our Domestic Hardwood Veneers are sourced within Pennsylvania, New York where we pick the best from the best.




Certified veneer products are available upon request.

Cut To Size Veneers:


Our flexibility is key to our success in a wide range of CTS products that we can offer. Our focal market is in Door Rail & Stile veneer components and trim/wrap or Profile wrapping applications.


Custom Cut Veneers:


We offer Custom Slicing upon Request.





Certified veneer products are available upon request.